December 04, 2010

Things I can connect with or enjoy

1. Eyes; the stranger the color the better.

2. Water + friends; always is a good memory. Beach, waterfall, lake it doesnt matter.

3. Athazagoraphobia; I fear being forgotten.

4. Blueberry muffins.

5. Old game systems; gameboy color and super nintendo.

6. Ron and Hermione.

7. Missing people and they visit you in your dreams.

8. Wrinkly dogs.

9. Knowing in Him I am complete.

10. Ferris wheels.

11. Emma Watson; 2nd favorite actress.

12. Signs of hope.

13. Families that adopt.

14. Knowing I have only had one lover.

15. Growing up.

16. Guys in fitted white t-shirts.

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