About Us

Our Story: Two kids met fall of 2006. He was nineteen and she was seventeen. Friends from the start. He asked to take her to see Happy Feet and she said she just wanted to be friends. Close friends from day one they talked nearly everyday.
Finally on February 7th, 2007 Andrew took Katlyn to a little ice cream shop where they has sat many afternoons eating icecream and sharing things about their lives. As they were leaving he got up to the courage to ask Katlyn if he could kiss her. She said yes for the first time.

Just a few months after their first kiss Andrew flew Katlyn to Maryland in June 2007 to meet his whole family. She spent a week at his parents home. She fell in love with the green trees, the cooler weather and his entire family. On the flight home she knew that this was the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with. The next year brought trials but they survived it all.

Fall of 2008 once again Andrew flew Katlyn to Maryland for Thanksgiving and proposed in front of his family. The time with his friends and family was a growing experience and Andrew taking care of Katlyn as she was sick in his parents car. The next morning on Thanksgiving he asked something that would change both of their lives forever. On bended knee and tears down his face he said, "I had a speech but I forgot what I was going to say. So, I love you, will you marry me?" She of course said yes for the second time.

Originally planned to have the wedding in May 2010 but they soon realized they couldn't wait that long. They settled on the day before their three year anniversary, February 6, 2010. Nearly three years to the day of their first kiss they said, "I do" and promised to put up with each other for the rest of their lives.

As of November 2011 they are living in a one bedroom apartment and enjoying life. They are both full time students and working full time. Andrew is a front end manager at a retail store and Katlyn is a health aide for an elementary school.

In 2011 their first baby Riley go straight from womb to heaven. Just four months later his twin sisters Brielle and Maia followed him Home. Riley went to heaven at six weeks and four days on May 3rd. Brielle and Maia went to heaven at nine weeks exactly on November 4th. Three days later the twins were born on November 7th.

They are praying about the future God has in-store for them. They know that they want to adopt at least to children, hopefully a sibling set from Africa. Adoption has always been placed on their heart since the "Happy Feet" days. Africa seems to be calling them but they are waiting for His plan.

Tidbits about Katlyn:
  • She is in school to be a counselor
  • She is a major book worm
  • Personality: INFJ
  • She blogs about life, her marriage, her glory babies, miscarriage, and anything else imaginable.
  • She loves crafts and is learning to sew 
  • She has an uncontrollable case of wanderlust
  • She spends way to much time online
  • She cannot wait to get to Africa
  • She has is obsessed with blogs about Africa and adoption
  • She is afraid of spiders and adores owls
  • She is obsessed with personality traits, tests and how the mind works.
  • She is messy organize -don't ask how she does it.
Tidbits about Andrew:
  • He is graduating in April with his degree in education
  • He has car oil running in his blood
  • Personality: INTJ
  • His gift is teaching
  • He has a thing for old world maps
  • He is an artist at heart
  • He owns a five foot painting of Albert Einstein
  • He is detail oriented
  • He is a math nerd
  • His second wife is his red '03 Mustang; Lola
  • He is very laid back unless it comes to work.