February 11, 2011


Everyone seems to be getting pregnant. I am thinking that spring time is coming soon this year. I am overjoyed for all the little lives that are blooming (ha) all round me. I love seeing my married friends recieve the joy of a new life. Some friends already have kids and some this is their first, either way I know all of them are excited. Before anyone asks though, because so many have assumed so before, I am not pregnant. I repeat: not pregnant.

So this is the way our conversation goes about once every few months:

Katlyn: "Baby, can we have a baby?"
Andrew: "Not yet, we have already talked about this. Why are you asking?"
Katlyn: "Everyyyyone is getting pregnant." (At this moment I have at least five friends pregnant).
Andrew: sigh, "Weve talked about this a million times. When God says its time, maybe in a few months or maybe in a year. We dont know his plan."

This banter normally goes on for a few hours and me randomly bringing up the baby subject. He is so loving when he let me ramble on about it. Oh, by now he has heard everything about giving birth to breastfeeding to daycare plans to immunization calenders to what color poop means what. He tells me Im like the human baby book, never had a baby myself but has plenty to say about it. He knows I go on and on about babies because I am thrilled to one day become a mother. Its all in Gods timing and so far he has told us to just be patient and wait. If you know me then you know how hard this is for me. More or less I just want to experience pregnancy. Its silly really but its true. I love the way pregnant women look and the whole process our body goes through. Most people cringe at the idea at having to push a football out but to me I think its amazing. I am one of those weird people that thinks birth is beautiful. Not in the normal "oh, how pretty" type beauty but the "thats so strange and peculiar" but still is beautiful in its own right.

I cant wait to baby shop for them too. I have a blast picking out things and shopping for others. I bet I will be different for my own kids but who knows. No matter when or if it happens I want it to happen on the Lords timing.

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