November 22, 2011

I am blank because...

I got this idea from the beautiful Little Miss Momma...I am blank because....

I am weird because...

I love winter but get cold easily.
I can eat just about anything except brussel sprouts.
I am not a big cuddler; I cuddle kiddos and my husband for a few mintues but thats it.
I am am deathly afraid of spiders but snakes, bats, birds, any other bug I don't mind.
I work, eat and sleep while thinking about Africa.
I don't like seeing girls hit on guys.
I feel awkward in big groups but love talking in front of them.

I am really old school.
I have more friends in books than I do in real life.
I also cry when a good book is over because its like a breakup.

I am a bad friend because...

I am a homebody.
I don't like texting much.
I forget your birthday.
I don't return phone calls promptly.
I am blunt.
I don't pray enough.
I don't spend nearly as much time as I should with my friends.

I am a good friend because...

I am a counselor at heart.
I support my friends no matter what they are going through.
I forgive, every single time.
I will pick up the phone no matter what time it is.
I don't tell secrets.
I really truly love you and wil be there even if we haven't spoken in years.
I see my friends as extended family.
I will be silent and cry with you.

I am sad because...

I miss my Riley.
I miss Brielle.
I want to be in Africa.
I had a dream of having the dust of Africa on my feet with a baby boy tied to my back, holding the hand of a young girl who was holding my husbands hand who had a little boy on his shoulders. It was the happiest I have ever felt but then I woke up.

I rely too much on myself and I feel like I fail too much.
Thanksgiving is the day we were going to announce Brielle.

Christmas plus two days was Riley's due date.
I want someone who just understands.
I feel like heaven is so far away.

I am happy because...

I have my husband who is more amazing than you know.
I have a home, food, friends, family, a job, clothes on my back, shoes on my feet.
I was blessed with two babies.
I know God loves me.

I love my job.
It is almost time for Jesus birthday. 
I have my handsome husband picking me up from work today and we get the next two days together.
Thanksgiving is just a few days away.
I have four lovely little lady helpers in my health office at lunch that told me I am their role model.

I am excited for...

The future.

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