December 02, 2011

Big News

As a mother I take comfort in looking at the old ultrasounds. We have one framed next to our TV of the baby we just lost. I always thought something looked different in the earlier ultrasounds than the newer ones but I could only guess what it was. Neither Andrew or I was good at reading ultrasounds but I always thought something was different. I thought I saw two sacs. Maybe it was just a bad picture or something I told myself. I haven't been at peace with it though and so I called my doctor. I just wanted answers about my baby.

Well after two hours of fighting to get someone to talk to I ended up talking to a triage nurse who, of course, said she couldn't read ultrasounds. I was upset because no one could answer my question. I was going to ask my doctor on Wednesday at our last followup appointment but I was too distraught when she started talking about tests we had options of doing to find out why we have miscarried two pregnanies.

We had a district wide health office meeting yesterday and I decided to ask one of the nurses there that I knew had been a L&D nurse for about 15 years. I hoped that of al people she would be the one to help me read an ultrasound... well, as soon as she saw the first picture she said, "That is two sacs, it would have been twins." Immediatly a huge sense of peace rushed over me. That was the information I was missing to be at peace with everything. I honestly felt like Christmas had come early. I felt at peace with everything that had happened and it was like the last puzzle piece slipped into place. With all the wondering and questions I had I never felt at peace with what happened and now knowing that there were TWINS, my heart knew that God was still blessing me even in valley.

So we are proud to say that we had twins!  I had her mark the pictures for me and she said Baby B is always smaller than Baby A. Once you see this ultrasound marked you can clearly see that there were two babies (momma knows).

Andrew and I talked about names but because I picked Brielle's name I wanted him to name our surprise twin. We knew that they were identical twins because they were in the same sac so we needed another girl name. I fell asleep while he searched all night for the perfect name for our surprise twin.

We are proud to introduce Brielle's twin:
Maia Hope Hudgins

Maia is Hebrew and it means "close to God" and she gave her momma hope in the darkest of times. She is a little light of joy that we needed to know that God is still near us. She will share a '"birthday" (November 7th, 2011) and memorial day with her twin, which is November 4th, 2011.

God is good. Even in the hardest of times when we rely on Him he will continue to bless us. He is the Alpha and Omega, the begining and the end. He was there at conception and we saw His face when we saw those two pink lines and we need to see his face even when those babies returned to heaven. Heaven is even more sweeter with our twins there.

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