November 28, 2010

Blessings: things I love

Things I am blessed with, things I love, things that love me, things that give me peace, things that give me hope. No particular order...

1. Knowing that God created me bigger than I could ever imagine:

2. Quotes that move me, make me think or make my feelings clear:

3. Nature; I love trees:

4. Maps; it reminds me the world is bigger than me:

5. Poetry:

6. Hand written love letter:

7. Books:

8. Tree houses; the feeling of a fairytale:

9. Being called strange or weird:

10. Art using Bible verses:

11. Skillet; I could listen to them every day, all day long:

12. Smores; and campfires:

13. Antique bookstores; bookstores period:

14. Words that come alive:

15. Adventures:

16. Disney movies:

17. Harry Potter movies:

18. Unfitted t-shirts:

19. Dancing in the rain; the memory of splashing in puddles:

20. The edge of autumn and winter; when it becomes scarf and coat season:

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