December 01, 2010

Dreams and Purpose

I have created a new blog to be able to post my ideas, dreams, and knowledge. This is my third blog and I have been blogging since 2006 but nothing stuck for good. They just fizzled out because they were too specific of the time my life was in. ie: schools, sports, being a newlywed, art. I need something that evolves with me as my life changes. The flavors in life that I enjoy change and mold over time. My love of music changes depending on my mood or circumstances, my opinions mold depending on my level of knowledge. There are something that will never change about me but those are only the life changing issues. ie: my belief in Jesus Christ, my love and respect for my husband, my love of my family, my pro life stance and knowing that family doesn't mean bloodline. Almost everything else is kaleidoscopic because I can never pinpoint my focus onto one subject for too long. My mind just never stops moving... and this is the blog that represents that movement.

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