December 11, 2010

More Things...

A few more things that bring a smile to my face... again in no specific order:

1. Quotes; movie quotes, book quotes, famous quotes.

2. Beautiful tattoos; the knit cap too.

3. Castes; Howarts too.
4. Bad boys.

5. Jeans, tshirt and awesome accessories.

6. On a plane.

7. Ice cream.

8. Inside old buildings; they smell over copper and dust.

9. Parks; the more the green the better.

10. Paris.

11. Whatever these things are.

12. Forgive me for falling down sometimes.

13. Fight club; twisted people.

14. Little houses in the middle of nowhere.

15. Pictures of places I want to visit.

16. Crooked roofs.

17. Standing on tippy toes kisses.

18. Fan art; especially Harry Potter.

19. Surrealistic art.

20. Children of the world.
21. I dont doubt it.

22. Crazy hand drawn art.

23. Nerds; my extended family.
24. Working outside.

25. Debating over the internet; yes its lame.

26. Hugs.

27. Post secret.

28. Old 80s and 90s cartoons.

29. Corsets.

30. Grinning from ear to ear.

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