December 14, 2010

My Tummy is Growling

A few of my favorite foods and drinks:

1. Hot chocolate with marshmallows; perfect for a chilly night.

2. Slurpee; road trip worthy.

3. Sweet cream yogurt and berries; very healthy.
4. Dip 'n Dots; movie theater.

5. Fruit desserts; I like fruit... a lot.

6. Onion soup; crunchy cheesy bread topped soup.

7. Flat bread pizza and Caesar salad.

8. Carne asada burrito.

9. Pomegranates.

10. Banana and fudge sandwich.

11. Oranges.

12. Seafood tacos; healthy too.

13. Oreos and milk; twist and lick.

14. Guac; yummy snack, guacamole.

14. Pancakes and fruit.

15. Chocolate layered cake.

16. Seafood dishes and asparagus.

17. Pomegranate tea.

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