December 18, 2010

Something I Think About All the Time

I think about the life my children will live before they meet me. Perhaps it is only a few weeks or a few months, worst case is a few years. I dont want them to be without their mum and dad for even a minute but I trust in the Lord to keep them safe. I pray for the birth mother of my children and I hope the Lord blesses her greatly. I think about how she may be living now. Africa isnt a very easy place to live in at all. We take so much for granted here in the states. I know she is alive out there somewhere and I hope the Lord protects her. She is a hero in my eyes.
Some facts about the country one or more of my kids will come from:



90% of all malaria cases are in sub-Saharan Africa
3,000 children under the age of five die each day from malaria in Africa
1-5% of GDP in Africa covers costs of malaria control and lost labour days

Did you know, that Africa would have been an estimated US $100 billion better off in 1999 if malaria had been eliminated years ago?

17 million people in sub-Saharan Africa have died of AIDS

At least 25 million people in Africa are HIV-positive.

12 million children who have lost their parents to AIDS face a precarious future.

The world's biggest hospital is in Soweto.



The word "Crossword" in Kiswahili is "chemshebongo" which, when translated, means "boil brains".

In East & Central Africa the British Army was still remembered. One regiment was known in Kiswahili as "Magi Bareedi Askari", translated this is "Water Cold Soldiers" or in other words the "Cold Stream Guards".
(supplied by Simon Vivian)


Largest Country
Sudan, Republic of, republic in north-eastern Africa, the largest country of the African continent. Sudan has a total area of 2,505,800 sq km (967,490 sq mi).

Smallest Country
The smallest African country is The Seychelles covering an area of 453 sq km but Gambia is the smallest of the mainland African states, covering an area of 11,300 sq km (4,363 sq mi).

Largest City
Egypt's capital city, Cairo, is the largest city in Africa with an estimated 9.2 million population

Highest Point
Mount Kilimanjaro - Uhuru Point - (5895m/19,340 ft) in Tanzania

Lowest Point
the lowest is Lake 'Asal (153 m/502 ft below sea level) in Djibouti

Northernmost tip
is Cape Blanc (Ra's al Abyad;) in Tunisia

Southernmost tip
is Cape Agulhas in South Africa

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