May 31, 2011

Breathing Beauty

So I used to write a lot of poetry. It wasn't really any good but it was alright. I enjoyed it and it was a great release. I thought I would post one on here just for fun.

Jun 29, 2008
breathing beauty

she stands in the crowd not much to see
that gown of hers a mix in the people
the eyes low to the ground not to draw attention
humbled shoulders tell of no defeat

her heart is strong as the grip that holds HIS word
a peace in her soul shines on her face
submissive gentleness isn't servant hood
she walks past feet barely brushing the ground

small smile lightly placed upon her lips
almost doll like her features demand small statue in tales
dark hair dark eyes study the world around her
loving heart she wears on her sleeve

no lies have left her lips
no hands have touched her hips
meekness and mild with a lion in her soul
strength hidden behind a feminine demeanor

children run by and brush her hand
the warmth saves them on this snowy day
who rather than the children notice this affect
that her mere steps can melt the snow

the cold hearted man tramps by
rich in looks with a grin no woman could resist
strong hands and devious eyes
the hero of the story or the villain?

lonely in this world he runs through women night and day
his heart filled with lusts and lies
no one could break this man of his mighty hand
young and strong his heart beats for himself

head held high he marches through the crowd
eyes bowed low she brushes through the people
his eyes on every women around
her eyes on the Lord and straight ahead

broad shoulders hit square with a fragile girl
she cries with shock as she falls to the ground
watch where you re going he mumbles
she stands up and brushes off the snow, smiles and walks away

he sees her eyes just for an instant
her world disappears and she knows her task
he craves those innocent hips
she whispers words of prayer

apologies ma'am he bows low his face at her breast
she dips lower avoid es his eyes and floats away
melting the snow as she goes
angrily he cant figure out the truth in those eyes

no one walks away from this mighty man he thinks
yet the young virgin did
he traipses after her and grabs her wrist
she turns with her porcelain skin flares bright red on her cheeks

he kisses her hand
please madam dinner?
proper women do not deal with promiscuous men she whispered
she pulled her hand away and went back on her slow path

he roared in his heart
hes never lusted so bad, never heard the word no
then where shall i meet a beauty like you again his honeyed his words
she stops and hesitates

she turns slow he notices her dark hairs covered with snow
her heart is racing and eye lashes flutter nervousness
boldly she faces him inches from his handsome face
she whispers church is on Sunday 19th street and main

hes frozen in heart frozen standing there frozen as she walks away
he cant breathe the same ever again
breathing her breath was like warm honey on a child's tongue
her breath was like breathing innocence and love

her breath was like breathing beauty
his breathing beauty continued to walk away and disapear into the church
19th street and main
that stubborn dark haired man hadn't stepped church in twenty years

oh but what he wanted, what he craved, her blood her virginess
was it worth one day in hell, in church?
oh yes what has this vampiress done to me and weaved her little spell
thoughts danced in his head of her naked body on his

days passed and snow grew heavier
the days were colder and no breathing beauty was to be found
his devious eyes had spent many times close dreaming of her midnight hair
of her waist so fragile and new, what he would do to her

he put on his best black suit and a silver tie
he wore all his riches and built a wall around his heart
for today was the sunday
the sunday he would ruin the heart of the virgin

he trucked up the front steps stubbing a toe on the way
he muttered those blasphemy words in HIS house
she floated up the stairs brushing the childrens hands as she went
smile on her face and strength in her heart

his eyes were full of the lies he'd tell to her
his soul was the blackest of night
she wasn't afraid
she new that this was her task

he didn't say a word just sat down beside her fragile frame
she looked up at him and gave a reassuring smile
in that old wood pew they sat
the dark hearted selfish one and the angel in human form

the sermon starts and he gets antsy
he knows his cold heart wasn't meant for these words
she listens and nods and smiles a long with the pastor
her radiant glow is the only thing that hold him there

he starts to listen as HIS words wind in and out of his heart
he fights to not listen but it cant be avoided
worship starts and music plays
the voices sing praise and her slender bones sway

he cant keep his mouth shut his lips utter whispers of the praise
he begins to melt and he feels HIM around him
like a sweet wind he begins to inhale
just a moment again hes breathing beauty

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