May 24, 2011

Whats in a dream?

So I realize that many of my posts are a rather depressing and unless you've been there you really cant understand. My dreams have been mainly nightmares lately but last night I actually had a good one! It was strange but good. It was just a dream of me walking around a house -lame dream I know buuuut, the house was my house.

If you are reading this blog you probably know that I dont have a house, my husband and I live in a one bedroom college-style apartment. Not exactly a decor dream. I love our starter apartment, I really do. I hope to have a house all our own for our kiddos someday.

Anyways back to the dream. It was our house that I was walking around and it was my dream house (get it? my dream house in my dream... never mind). I loved it. I was walking around barefoot wearing lilac nail polish. Yes, my dreams can be that random. I was wearing heather gray pajama pants and a white tank top and was walking around because I was playing hide-and-seek with my kids. It made me smile. I didnt get to see my kids because I was looking for them but I did get to see all different parts of the house.

This is what this blog is about... this house. I adored this house. I spent all yesterday after I got off work looking for pictures of this house. At least a general idea of what it looked like or at the very least the style of it.

This is the general look of the living room (but no rainbow books, just books in general).

Off to the side of this living room/dream library there was a nook cut out like this. It wasnt so white but it was clean cut like this and open with the large windows.
Above this area was the painting that Andrew painted to always remember Riley.

There was a wood apothecary cabinet in the kitchen. It was decorated with beautiful molding.

Large island with dark wood cabinets. So old world it was amazing.

There was a mud room that was cute anc colorful.
I remember because it was connected with the back door that I peeked outside.

The master bedroom was a bit on the smaller side but with a HUGE bed. It was so beautiful with the contrast of the dark wood and the light walls.
The bed was different than this though -general idea.
I remember peaking under the bed to see if I could see the little ones hiding.

My oldests girls bedroom looked a bit like this but with yellow instead of the gray. It was a mirror room where the other half of the room looked the exact same because two of my kids shared the room. The one bed was yellow and the other bed was green.

The nursery for the baby boy looked likethis but instead of the pink it was green and was a sailor, boat, old car, plane theme instead of the birds.

That was the general look of the house. Not exact but close. I loved it. It was one story and really open. The only major walls were for the bedrooms and bathrooms. The living room was one big great room connected with the kitchen too. It was full of light walls, dark woods and natural elements like stone. It was really beautiful. Running around in my pj's searching for my kids in a way made my heart hurt because thats the way I feel now. I know some of my kids are halfway around the world, one is in heaven and I may have some that havent been given to me yet. I feel like I am searching for them. The only relief was in the dream I knew that I would find them. They already existed and were in my heart. They had names (sadly I cant remember the dream names) but they were real, living people.

It was a dream come true (I did it again). Someday I hope this dream becomes a reality...

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