July 13, 2011

Letter to My Sixteen-Year-Old Self

Dear sixteen-year-old Katie,

 Remember that you are precious to the Lord
and let no one take that away from you.

You will never feel more free than when you are helping others.
Go on a mission trip and fight for it because they will tell you;
you are too young, you are too small,
you are too girlie, you are too green, you are not ready.
You ARE ready and don't let them tell you any different.
You wont listen to this advice but I had to tell you.

Don't let them put you down for your age.
As you get older you realize you were right a lot of the time.
You were created with an old soul. They will see that someday.
Dont feel bad or upset when they dont understand;
years later they will agree with you.
Just love them and take what they say with a grain of salt.
God will lead you in the right direction if you trust Him;
He will never fail you.

 Pray more and worry less.

You will experience incredible heart ache
all before your twenty-second birthday.
So pray for strength and peace so that when the moment comes
you will be prepared.
Don't be afraid of others. Let your true voice shine.

Your passion is people and it is the way He created you to be.
Embrace your ability to understand without the explanation.
You understand more than you should.

You are among the top 8% richest in the world.
You have clothes on your back, a roof over your head, food in your belly,
a bit of money in your pocket and a family that loves you.
You are more free than you realize. Know how blessed you are.

Read as many books as you can. Devour them as fast as you can.
Dream in them as much as you can. Then write.
Write and dont stop writing.
Dont try to push that gift away but treasure it and nurture it.
You were born to write.
Even if no one else ever sees your work, write for yourself.
Write the characters in your head, write the books in your dreams, write your prayers,
just write.

Just because you do not know where you are
does not mean that you are lost.
Trust your gut a bit more;
God created you with a good head so listen to it.
Wander a little more than you should and take your time.
Life will catch up eventually.

Keep away from smooth talking boys that play in a band;
also keep away from men with big noses.
You will fall in love with someone who makes mistakes;
you too will make mistakes.

 Oh, and its not a mistake to fall in love
with a college boy when you are seventeen.

Remember to love who you are, who He created you to be.
Also, I love you too!

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