July 05, 2011

Riley's Memory Box

I finished Riley's memory box. It was amazing and it brought so much closure. I miss him everyday and I wish he could have spent a lifetime in my arms but that wasn't Gods plan. I am thankful I even had a short amount of time to be pregnant. Creating the box allowed me to heal. The box is left of our television so its where everyone can see it. I'm very proud of my baby and I don't want anyone to think I will ever forget him. I am not one of those moms that will move on and just count the kids that are alive and born. I have one baby and I love him to bits. He just went home before me.

Here is a picture of the box:

Here are the first two tests I took
(the top very light one was first and two days later was the digital):

Here is a little bit of a close up of his onsie and his memorial lion:

This is how my mind works... I love this picture:

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