August 16, 2011

Pure entertianment for no one but myself

I like lists. I like to make lists and read lists. It's a funny little thing about me. I am incredibly messy but rather organized. My mess makes sense and once you understand the mess the madness makes sense. Today I am in a mood to make lists; although not so sure what I want to list (Im hoping as I ramble that something will come to mind). I list everything and anything I can think of. Even in highschool I had an entire notebook dedicated to words I liked, incredibly nerdy I know. I think I am going to make one short list today just to entertain myself.

Words I like:

1. Wicked (corrupt, bad or "damn")
2. Blithe (cheerful or happy)
3. Saccharine (too sweet or sugary)
5. Bloody hell (like "oh my gosh" or a suprise)
5. Whimsical (youthful, playful or even faery-world like)
6. Polysemous (lots of different meanings)
7. Heartsick (sad, blue or heavy-hearted)
8. Wayward (unmanageable)
9. Peculiar (strange)
10. Brilliant (exceedingly smart or flashy)

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