September 23, 2011

105 in 5

105 goals in 5 years...
I have seen a few of these around and had a hand written one for a while so I decide to publish it on here and update it as I go.
So, here they are in no specific order:

1. Go on a mission trip.
2. Make homemade pizza with my hubby.
3. Get a passport (asap!)
4. Be someones mentor.
5. Invite someone I barely know over for dinner.
6. Reread all of the Harry Potter Series (currently).
7. Experience a sunrise.
8. Keep a plant alive for longer than a week.
9. Start my masters program.
10. Get pregnant (accomplished April of 2011 and September 2011)
11. Visit a hot springs.
12. Get caught up on all my paper work at work.
13. Play in the snow.
14. Visit Andrews family in Maryland.
15. All night nerd night.
16. Go to a wedding.
17. Get my wardrobe down to only the neccessities.
18. Learn many names of God in Hebrew.
19. Visiting orphans trip.
20. Go barefoot for a full 24hrs.
21. Fall asleep on the beach.
22. Go on a rollercoaster.
23. Go in the White House.
24. Start the adoption process.
25. Talk to people while on a stage.
26. Go to dinner less often.
27. Own a bike -the pedal ones not motorcyle.
28. Throw a baby shower.
29. Actually go out somewhere for New Years.
30. Ride an elephant or camel.
31. Stand on a street corner and give random people flowers.
32. Snorkel or scuba dive.
33. Sponser a kid from Amazima.
34. Play in a waterfall.
35. Don't watch TV for a week -not even movies.
36. Learn to cook bread from scratch.
37. Bonfire.
38. Watch my brother graduate.
39. Learn to say "Jesus loves you" in seven different languages.
40. Read 100 books.
41. Graduate with my bachelors in Counseling.
42. Rent a lakehouse, cabin or beach house with my family for a family vacation.
43. Go to a water park.
44. Watch someone give birth in person.
45. "Dont buy it jar" instead of going to the vending machine you put that change in a jar to donate it.
46. See fall leaves in person.
47. Do the love dare.
48. Visit an aquarium.
49. Have a picnik.
50. Make a quilt.
51. Take my brother to the beach.
52. Pay for the person behind me in the drive through.
53. Ride a train.
54. Learn how to sew and crochet/knit.
55. Write 10 people old fashioned-snail-mail-letters and send them.
56. Go to the Redwoods and hug a tree.
57. Go camping and take lots of friends and my brother.
58. Buy myself flowers just because.
59. Buy my husband flowers because its out of the norm.
60. Sit on a jury.
61. Spend a day without eye sight.
62. Cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner-or at least help with the entire thing.
63. Go swimming in the ocean.
64. Make a fort.
65. Pray with someone I have never met before that moment.
66. Cliff jumping.
67. Spend an entire day in bed with my husband, only getting up to pee and brush teeth.
68. Finish the entire NT with my husband.
69. Pay off all of our debt.
70. Take photos on every vacation we go on.
71. Go to Sunset Point and watch the sunset.
72. Make a time capsule.
73. Buy another pair of TOMS.
74. Go to Disneyland with my husband.
75. Throw a white elephant dinner party.
76. Go rock climbing.
77. Keep up with my blog. (I am hoping at least twice a week)
78. Go to a baseball game with the hubby.
79. Have a slumber party like when we were kids.
80. Eat vegan for a week.
81. Pray on a daily basis.
82. "Blessings List" (November 2011)
83. Make a list of the 10 best decisions I have ever made.
84. Try making my own detergent.
85. Sleep outside in the middle of no where and look at the stars.
86. Print pictures and put them in al album and it doesnt even have to be fancy!
87. Leave inspirational notes and bible verses in random places.
88. Tattoo in Riley's memory.
89. Get halfway through writing my book.
90. Go on a road trip.
91. Throw a costume party.
92. No fastfood for a two weeks.
93. Ride a horse.
94. Donate my time Saturday mornings to a homeless shelter.
95. No electronics, minus for school or work, for a week.
96. Live in another city for at least a month.
97. Thank you notes on a regulary basis.
98. Make a rainbow cake.
99. Donate blood.
100. Hike up a mountain.
101. Learn to drive a manual.
102. "How much you have changed in a year" photography goal.
103. Keep up with my goodreads.
104. Vollunteer with our Church's Christmas activities; Christmas Angel.
105.Celebrate Riley's due date (December 27th) and his memorial day (May 3rd).

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