August 27, 2013

Terrible again.

I am terrible about blogging... Our hands have been pretty full since my last post. We moved into a house pretty far out of the city. We are now about an hour away from church and at minimum thirty minutes from family and friends. I really love it out here though and I think Jonah does too. He is an amazing eleven month old. So curious and afraid of nothing. He is fully walking and daring to push the limits of climbing on things. As I type this he has flipped his music table over and decided to ride it like a horse. We spent the day reading books, coloring pictures and dancing to music. I cannot imagine my life any different.

Andrew is teaching 8th grade English this year and I am still a SAHM and student. Even crunchier by the day we have fun living our healthy hippie lifestyle. I will do future posts about how being parents have changed us to a more natural way of living. Loving how God provides so many things by his creation alone. We cloth diaper, use home made cleaners, have changed the way we  eat and now eat organic, we don't follow the conventional vax schedule, baby wear, we coslept until Jonah was six months, no CIO, little things like that. Just embracing the natural way.

My heart has been so soft to the ideas of the future. Where exactly does God want us? I can't say. Sometimes we talk about moving to another country. I have middle of the night dreams of owning a little bookstore. More kids seem to be in the plans but nothing at the moment. We are very content where God has us. Although if you know us at all you will know that being content for long is never our plan. We love to change, move, and live out of the norm. So who knows what is in store for our future.

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